Word Worm


Hawk Industries


iOS, Android

Release date

February 18, 2011





Word Worm is an Android and iOS word game developed by Hawk Industries.

Gameplay Edit

In Word Worm, the user forms words from adjacent tiles present in a rectangular grid. The game features two play modes: time trial, in which in the user must earn an increasing number of points in a two minute interval to advance levels, and free play, where the user advances based on score alone. Bonus points can be earned by forming the bonus word. Similar to Bookworm, longer words, and words formed from less common letters result in more points. In both modes, fire tiles form randomly throughout gameplay. If a word is not formed using the fire tile, it burns through the letter below it. When a fire tile reaches the bottom of the screen, the game is over.

Reception Edit

Shortly after its initial release on February 18, 2011, Word Worm was selected by Google as a featured tablet application for Honeycomb. It received further publicity on February 23 when it was featured on the internet television show, Radio Android. Based on its initial success, Hawk Industries. released versions for the iPhone and iPad in August 2011, for which it has also generally received positive reviews.