StarDunk Gold
StarDunk Gold





Release date

Jan 18, 2011


Basketball, Sports


Massively online multiplayer Offline single-player

StarDunk Gold is the sequel to StarDunk developed by Godzilab. It is a basketball shooter massively online multiplayer game set in space. The gameplay is similar to the original StarDunk. The idea is to score as many baskets as possible in a two minute span. By making the backboard glow by hitting it with the ball power-ups are received. The game features online play via Game Center, 20 balls and a power-ups. The game has achieved more than 7 million downloads.

Reception Edit

everythingiCafe called the game "combines the best of basketball, retro gaming and online competition." Free Apps Arcade claimed that "If shooting flaming-meteor-basketballs into a hoop in outer space doesn’t sell you on a game, we don’t know what will." Quick App Review gave it 5 stars. RazRianfly called it "Perhaps one of the more addictive games available for download from the App Store."