Driver: Vegas
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Glu Mobile


Mobile phone

Release date

Mobile/Cell: 2006



Driver: Vegas is a mobile phone game developed by Gameloft and GLU Mobile that occurs after the events of Driv3r. The game is non-canon and not a part of the main series.

Story Edit

The storyline of Driver Vegas happens after the ending of Driv3r, with Tanner in the emergency room. His heart has been jumpstarted, and he decides to go after Jericho, the criminal he failed to kill in Driv3r. To do this he must travel to Las Vegas.

Gameplay Edit

There are some on-foot missions in Driver: Vegas, but most of the missions are driving based.

Reception Edit

Driver Vegas got a mostly positive feedback, with IGN giving it 8.6/10. Most of the reviews were either very good or average, an example of the latter is the GameSpot review score of 3.8/10.