Cannon Cadets
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XMG Studios



Release date

August 11, 2010





Cannon Cadets is a game developed by XMG Studio for iOS. It was officially released on August 11, 2010.

Game Premise Edit

Users unlock several characters while progressing through the 80+ levels. Gamers initially start out playing as RocketBoy and must save the rest of the Cadets, RocketGirl, Pop and Granati. Each character has a special power that will help the Cadets defeat the game's boss, Gordo.

Game Features Edit

  • 80+ levels
  • Level Builder
  • Cannon Cadets Academy (an online community that allows users to share or download levels)
  • 4 playable characters (RocketBoy, RocketGirl, Pop and Granati)
  • Hidden bonus levels

Characters Edit

  • RocketBoy
  • RocketGirl
  • Pop
  • Granati
  • Gordo
  • Robot Army

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